Ep 36: Elizabeth Hurley Nude in HD and SXSW Reports

March 14, 2017

We’ve got a spectacular Blu-ray update for Skin Fans this week, it’s a young Elizabeth Hurley in her very first nude appearance for 1987’s Aria, now in crystal clear HD. The boob tube was all about butts this weekend, with terrific tail from Nicole Kidman, Christine Evangelista, Daisy Eagan, and Rachel Keller. And we have the first set of SXSW reports in from our Skin Skouts, highlighted by Charlize Theron’s lesbian scene with Sofia Boutella in Atomic Blonde!

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Links from the episode [NSFW]:

TV Nudity Report: Girls, Clique, Love, Legion

SXSW 2017 Nudity Round-Up Vol. 1

Elizabeth Hurley’s very first nude scene in Aria, with bonus full frontal from Bridget Fonda!

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