Ep 97: Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 1979

May 15, 2018

1979 was a great year for skinema! Mr. Skin is going to talk about the sexiest scenes at the tail end of the seventies – and some great tail ends, too!

10. JoBeth Williams – KRAMER vs. KRAMER (0:44)
9. Dawn Dunlap – LAURA (0:21)
8. Donna Wilkes – FYRE (0:18)
7. Glory Annen – FELICITY (0:02)
6. Dorothy Stratton – AUTUMN BORN (0:46)
5. Multiple scenes – CALIGULA
4. Pamela Sue Martin – THE LADY IN RED (0:25)
3. Season Hubley – HARDCORE (1:05)
2. The Girls of H.O.T.S. (1:33)
1. Bo Derek – 10 (1:31)

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See JoBeth Williams’ Nude Scene Here

Click Here to See Dawn Dunlap Do it All Naked

Donna Wilkes is Fyre in This Scene

See Glory Annen’s Sapphic Scene Here!

Click Here to Watch Scenes From the Super Sexy Caligula

See Pamela Sue Martin Totally Naked in The Lady in Red

Watch Season Hubley’s Spicy Nudity in Hardcore

Catch Hot Scenes from H.O.T.S.

Click Here to See Bo Derek’s Famous Nudity



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