The Best Nude Scenes of 1997

September 03, 2019

This week on the Mr. Skin Podcast, Mr. Skin recounts the very best nude scenes that came out in 1997. 1997 was a sexy year full of hotties showing off their bodies, so listen to hear who makes the cut for the best breasts of ’97.

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Links from the episode [NSFW]:

10. Angie Harmon in Lawn Dogs
9. Jessica Hecht in Anarchy TV
8. Jenna Jameson in Private Parts
7. Anna Nicole Smith in Skyscraper
6. Andrea Thompson in A Gun, A Car, A Blonde
5. Helena Bonham Carter in Wings of the Dove
4. Charlize Theron in Devil’s Advocate
3. Heather Graham in Boogie Nights
2. Jaime Pressly in Poison Ivy 3
1. Kate Winslet in Titanic

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