Ep 18: Kaley Cuoco & Double Penetration

November 08, 2016

Happy Erection Day everyone! The polls have closed and the ballots have been counted for Mr. Skin’s historic Erection 2016. Mr. Skin has all the details on the very tight race, but be sure to check out your new President Erect, Attorney Genital, Secretary of DD-Fense, and more, at our official Erection page.

In Boob Tube news, Skin’s got the latest on robotic rack from Westworld, Kaley Cuoco’s dabble in BDSM, a Shameless oral sex scene you’ve got to see to believe, and one of the craziest DP threesomes ever broadcast on TV.

As always, you can leave us a voicemail at 304-TALKSKIN and if we play it on the show, we’ll send you some Mr. Skin swag!!


TV Nudity Report: Shameless, Westworld, Masters of Sex, The Young Pope [NSFW]


Kaley Cuoco does bondage on The Big Bang Theory [NSFW]


Ruby Modine serves up box lunch on this week’s Shameless [NSFW]


Rayna Tharani makes her nude debut in an epic MMF threesome on The Young Pope [NSFW]


Check Out Mr. Skin’s Historic Erection 2016 Results! [NSFW]


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